Monday, November 23, 2015

Tommy Le Baker

If you are into serious bread - go look for this bakery. They need no introduction.

Just good bread - yes those that more serious than your ordinary wholemeal or white bread

The famous baguette 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Syarikat Yong Tau Foo Ampang

I wish they have a better name. Signboard not really clear. I know they sell yong tau foo -

Maybe those frequent eater will know where this is

anyway they are suppose to be famous for their sui kao (fried type)

They have the typical yong tau foo with the soup and they serve only rice

What my verdict my the fried sui kao - i love the crispy skin but i prefer my ingredient to be slightly on the hard side. This is soft with vegetable in it - maybe just fish paste and vege but could have been better.

Maybe the one i like is basically a mixture of pork meat and fish paste together.

 House convert into an open space yong tau foo

 Chili Sauce and the Sweet Sauce

 Fried Sui Kao
 Fish Ball and Lady Finger
Dip the fried sui kao

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tom Yam Noodle @ Serendah

You ask me about the shop name - i seriously dont know

i google it and some people only go by the name tom yam serendah

So i waze it and seriously it goes by tom yam serendah.

It is somewhere between after Batang Kali  and after/before Caltex station there is inner road.

The house turn into a shop.

What they are famous for - tom yam and fried chicken. Many times i go there for the fried chicken end up only the tom yam soup

They have Ling Chee Kang dessert but i dont like it when they put sweet potato to it

Maybe I am not a fan

What so great about the tom yam noodle soup - it the soup itself. The last time i tried the good one was in the summit thai stall -

This is equally as good - it has fresh squid, brown squid and chicken pieces.

It is run by a family of thai chinese i think.

I believe it is famous about the local residence there.

Go try it - it is seriously good!

 The leng chee kang with cendol and sweet potato
 The tom yam noodle

Teng Wun Bakery & Confectionery

They need no introduction. I believe they we featured by Axian @ Jason Yeoh before

They are famous for the cupcake. Its like eating cheese cake minus the cheese cake

Lately they did butter cake as in whole - around RM9 per box

Seriously nicer than any japanese cake or so because it is so traditional type.

They are suppose to be famous for durian cake - but seasonal.

 Cupcake - yummy

 They have kaya puff too - but no match with the ipoh one

Monday, November 9, 2015

Wong Ah Wah - W.A.W Restaurant @ Jalan Alor

i think they have a lot of restaurant - just the road itself 5 shops i think

They serve standard dishes - you can order other stuff

We ordered fried rice, fried noodle, chicken wing, fried wantan, rojak, spices pork rib, kangkung, satay and etc

Not too bad for such places.

 Satay - nice
 Fried Rice was good - simple yet delicious
 Not bad the chicken wing but my favourite still the kepong one
 Marmite prawn - not bad
 This is bean paste fried pork rib - not that great
 Rojak was good
 Fried Kangkung
 Fried Bee Hoon -
 Japanese Tau Foo 
 Fried Wan Tan / Sui Kao

Friday, November 6, 2015

Harborcity Hong Kong Steamboat @ Uptown

There are quite a few chain steamboat at uptown - mostly the same row as the slimming centre behind the police station.

I tried hot pot before - nice

This is something different  to give it a try - a Hong Kong Steamboat. There is another ZFY around the corner

Anyway it was ok to me. We took the century egg with cilantro soup. Not bad. The tom yam soup was not great.

 The sauce suppose to combine the chili and the specialty of some bean paste i think
A set for two people

  Additional quill egg and vege

 Two combination soup
My century egg - yummy

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hottest Korean Noodle

I heard about it. I seen it so i buy one and try

Too me it is really spicy - it numbs your lip then burn your throat right up to your stomach.

I am not exaggerating but some might think it is just normal.

You need to try to experience it. Heat level comes from the packet of chili -