Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hat Yai 2011 - Log Terrace Restaurant

This restaurant is recommendated by my tut tut.

Anyway here is my cute funny tut tut driver.

He mentioned that this place got lot to eat. He also said go fishes to see and "i heard it as wheel, some heard it as whale"... lots of water coming down, very nice view.

Ok, without hesitation, we just follow him where he wants to take us.
As we reached there, we were surprised by the design. Yes it is very beautiful. We ordered their seafood fried rice, otak otak, tom yam soup, fried vege and fried egg.
I find the food ok - reasonable pricing from 20-50 depending on the dishes.

I guess this where tut tut or tour group will take tourist too for a fine dining together.

Full Album of Log Terrace Restaurant : Click Here!

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